History of Springfield Baptist Church

SBC First History

1860 – 1967

  • The Springfield Baptist Church progressed well.
  • The first Pastor of the church was Reverend Jeremiah Yancy.
  • Since Reverend Yancy’s ministry, twelve other Pastors have served this church. These active Christian leaders did much to strengthen the growth of the Church.
  • Reverend Perkins
  • Reverend S. Jackson
  • Reverend Frederick Jackson
  • Reverend Harris
  • Reverend W. Johnson
  • Reverend Grimes
  • Reverend Pearson
  • Reverend W. L. Anderson  -During Reverend Anderson’s ministry, the present building was erected in 1931.  Money was raised for several auxiliary organizations.
  • Reverend A. F. Brown
  • Reverend R. L. Harrison – during Reverend R. L. Harrison’s Ministry, additional clubs were organized.  Money was raised to have lights put in the building and the church became a member of the Piedmont Baptist Association.
  • Reverend W. D. Christmas – During Reverend Christmas’ ministry, the Choir and Usher Boards, Willing Workers Club, and Missionary Board were reorganized; the building was painted inside and outside.  An addition was made to the building choir stand, choir room, pastor study and two new baths were built.  The vestibule was remodeled, rugs were added on the floor and a piano and choir robes were purchased.  Different auxiliaries of the church raised money for these projects.  Active committee members were Sister Grace Cavanaugh, Sister Capitola Baisey, Sister Mary Burnett, Sister Cora Jackson, Sister Adele Wells, Sister Elsie Bullock, Sister Pauline Overton, and Sister Ada Payne.
  • Reverend E. M. Taylor
  • Reverend Joe L. Johnson
  • Former Deacons of the church were the late Frederick Jackson, Solomon Ragland, Frank Terrell, Abram Rollings, Phillip James, Abram Mitchell, James Puddy, Samuel Tinsley, and Jeter Jackson.  These men were active Christian workers and most of them were Sunday School leaders.
  • Deacon James was clerk of the church for a number of years.
  • The Deacons were J. V. Jackson, Chairman of the Board, Thomas Raglad, E. S. Jackson, Sr., Leroy Carter and Linood Carter.  These men did much to support the growth of the church.
  • Brother W.E. Overton was the church Superintendent of the Sunday School.  The teachers were Sisters Barbara Overton, Pauline Overton and Adele Wells.  Sister Wells was also the Sunday School Treasurer.  Some of the former missionaries were Sister Lela Clark, Mertie James, Alice Mitchell, and others.
  • The Missionary was under the leadership of Sister Mary Burnettt, President, Sister Adele Wells, Secretary and Sister Capitola Baisey, Treasurer.  Other members were Ada Payne, Cora Jackson and Elsie Bullock.
  • Some  of the former ushers of Springfield Baptist Church were Brothers: M.A. Wilkerson, Elmore James and Emmitt Ragland.  With Brothers: Linwood Carter, President, Waddell Wells, Secretary, Charles Howard, Treasurer.  Brothers Ellerson R. Overton, Brascoe Washington, Sister Myrtle Carter and Adele Wells were also former ushers.
  • Former Trustees were Deacon Leroy Carter, Deacon Linwood Carter, Deacon E.S. Jackson, Sr., Deacon J. Jackson and Brother Floyd Ragland.
  • The Senior Choir progressed well under the leadership of Sister Capitola Biasey, President.
  • Sister Elsie Bullock served as Clerk of Springfield Baptist Church for 35 years and Sister Adele Wells as Assistant Clerk.

1968 – 1975

  • The Springfield Baptist Church progressed well under the leadership of Reverend W. Christmas.  The church attendance had increased and each auxiliary improved.
  • Sister Adele Wells was the Superintendent of Sunday School.  The teachers were Sister Pauline Overton, Sister Barbara Overton Payne, Sister Marguerita Carter and Deacon E.S. Jackson.
  • The Choir’s President was Sister Capitola Biasey.  Some of the choir members were Ruby Richardson, Grace Cavanaugh, Tressie Johnson, John Johnson, Lillie Mae Brown, Capitola Biasey, Mary Burnett and Rosa Gilliam.
  • The Deacons were E.S. Jackson, Sr.; Chairman of the Board, Leroy Carter, Lewis T. Carter and Roy L. Pendleton.
  • The Missionary was still under the leadership of Sister Mary Burnett, President.
  • The Usher Board was under the leadership of Brother Harold Jackson, President; Brother James Bullock, Vice President; Sister Linda Jones, Secretary; and Sister Patricia Bullock, Treasurer.
  • Other members were Brother Edward Jackson, Sister Hattie Butler, Brother Edward S. Jackson, Jr., and Sister Dorothy Braxton.


  • On June 6, 1975, Reverend Joe L. Johnson was elected as pastor
  • After Reverend Johnson became Pastor, many members joined Springfield, became baptized and many members rededicated their lives to Christ.  The Church grew spiritually and financially.
  • Worship services were held every Sunday, except the fifth Sunday.
  • Three choirs were added:  the Young Adult Choir, Junior Choir, and Youth Choir;
  • Four new Deacons were added;
  • A daughter in the ministry, Reverend Betty Creasy, also Assistant Pastor;
  • A Pastor’s Aide Committee was formed.
  • Springfield Baptist Church had an active Youth Ministry Program.
  • Deacon E. S. Jackson was still serving as Chairman of the Board.
  • The Sunday School Superintendent was Deacon Lewis T. Carter and Sunday School teachers were Sister Madie Bowles, Sister Linda Jones, Sister Brenda Harrison, Sister Betty Creasy, Sister Delois Carter and Sister Cora Jackson.


  • On November 1 ,1978, the Springfield Church Family mourned the passing of Chairman of E.S. Jackson; following his passing, the Deacon Board was reorganized.  
  • Deacon Roy Pendleton, Jr. was elected Chairman and Deacon Lewis T. Carter was elected Vice-Chairman.  
  • There were other deacons ordained and installed: Deacon Curtis Jackson, Deacon William Washington, Deacon Carl Creasy, Deacon J.B. Harris and Deacon Leroy Carter.  


  • In 1980 Sister Brenda Harrison was voted as Church Clerk. 
  • The Trustee Board was organized with Brother Thomas A. Bowles III elected as Chairman and Brother Harold Jackson elected as Vice-Chairman.
  • Other Trustees were Brother James Braxton, Jr., Brother William Washington, Brother Edward Jackson, Jr., Brother William Bland, Brother Leroy Carter, Brother Leroy Washington, and Brother Robert Dickerson.
  • The Missionary Board had the following members: Mary Burnett, President; Linda Jones, Cora Scott, Adele Wells, Elsie Bullock, Virginia Wayne, Cora Jackson, Ada Payne, Othelia Braxton, Florence White, Geraldine Jackson, Geneva Gilliam, and Pauline Jackson.
  • The User Board had the following members: Harold Jackson, president; Linda Jones, Madie Bowles, Patricia Bullock, Florence White, Sylvia Quarles, Dale Carter, Carolyn Carter, Novell Jackson, Odell Henson, Mary Francess Jackson, Hattie Butler, Diane Washington, Lori Grooms, Avante Carter, Jesse Washington, Meredith White, James Bullock, Thomas Bowles III, James Braxton, Beverly Grooms, Edward Jackson, Jr., Amard Jones, Thomas Bowles IV, Roy Pendleton III, Quincey Hearns, Dujuan Hearns, and Mark Jackson.  Past President of the Usher Board were Linda Jones, Beverly Grooms, and Florence White.  Current President is Odell Henson.  Deceased members: Othelia Braxton, Cora Jackson, and Dorothy Braxton.
  • Senior Choir members: Cora Schott, Cora Jackson, Florence White, Virginia Wayne, Walter Wayne, Geraldine Jackson, Deloris Carter, Rosa Gilliam, Madie Bowles, Curtis Jackson, Linda Jones, Linda Grooms, Christine Morris, Mary Burnett, NancyLee, Odell Henson, Joyce Jackson Conn, Betty Creasy, Geneva Gilliam.  Past President: Cora Scott, Cora Jackson, and Florence White.  Pianists: Agnes Aheart, Jeremy Williams, Duane Grooms and Ricky Morris.
  • The Junior Choir was organized by First Lady, Sister Lucy Johnson Junior Choir members: Sadie Scott, Brenda Jonson, Novell Jackson, Dale Carter, Carolyn Carter, Debbie Mills, Gwendolph Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Merry Christmas, Shirley Braxton, Teresa Braxton, Lucille Washington, Penny Morris, Sharon Mills, Paula Washington, Ralph Washington, Linda Jones, and Christine Morris.  Past Presidents: Sadie Scott and Brenda Johnson.
  • Junior Choir was later reorganized to Young Adult Choir with members: Brenda Harrison, Merry Grooms, Rev. Betty Creasy, Diane Washington, Frances Washington, Linda Grooms, Shirley Pendleton, Linda Jones, Mary Frances Jackson, Christine Morris, Karen Washington, Martha Bland, Leroy Carter and Ricky Morris, Musician.
  • Youth Choir members: Brenda Harrison, Youth Director: Shaniki Washington, Secretary, Mary Frances Jackson, Treasurer; Sabrina Wells, Karen Washington, Chad Harrison, Jay Clay, Duane Grooms, Thomas Clay, Amard Jones, Marc Jackson, Amanda Clay, Brian Harrison, Shana Hearns, Rachael Washington, Shanell Washington and Dujuan Hearns.
  • Director of all choirs was Rev. Betty Washington Creasy.
  • Sunday School was rearranged with Odell Henson as Superintendent.  Teachers were Mary Frances Jackson, Vera Wells, Karen Washington, Cora Jackston, Deacon Curtis Jackson, Merry Grooms, Brenda Harrison, James Braxton, Sylvia Quarles, Sherry Christmas, Linda Jones, Florence White, First Lady Lucy Johnson, Reverend Betty Creasy, Deacon Roy Pendleton, Linda Grooms, Reverend Joe Johnson, Deacon Carl Creasy and Thomas H. Bowles, III.


  • From January 1994 to August 1994, the Lord blessed the church under the leadership of Deacon Roy Pendleton, Jr. Chairman, and the Board of Deacons in selecting ministers to conduct worship services, and the administration of the church.  
  • August 1994, Reverend Ronald O. Baker was called as interim pastor, and became pastor in November 1994.  Under his leadership:
  • A New Member’s class and Deacons training class was started.
  • Rev. Baker re-instated Bible Study, where twenty-five to thirty were in attendance.
  • A Prayer Band of seven members were formed,
  • New members added to the Deaconess board,
  • Numerous people have joined and re-established their church membership.
  • Rev. Baker also formed a combined choir from all existing choirs to be used on special occasions.
  • Brother Jonathan Grooms became our new drummer.
  • A new central heating and air system were added,
  • A Public Announcement system installed.
  • Reverend Dr. Ronald O. Baker believed if there is to be any preaching from the pulpit, there must be praying from the pews.
  • Reverend Ronald O. Baker’s tenure as Pastor ended May 10, 1999.


  • July 9, 2000, Reverend Victor L. Williams was called as interim pastor of Springfield and became pastor in December 2000.  The church has progressed well.
  • Under Reverend William’s leadership, many members have joined Springfield, been baptized, and rededicated their lives to Christ.
  • Three new Deacons were added to the Board of Deacons, Brother Richard Christmas, Brother Roger Washington, and Brother David Carter.
  • Three trustees were added to the Board of Trustees, Brother James Washington, Brother Hayes Brown, and Brother Cornell Johnson.
  • Three Deaconess’ were ordained, Sister Gwendolph Christmas, Sister Karn Washington, and Sister Cora Scott.
  • The Usher Board added eleven new ushers under the leadership of Sister Madie Boweles: Sister Tiffany Williams, Sister Nicole Harrison, Sister Kiara Washington, Brother Hayes Brown, Brother William Carter, Sister Kathryn Grooms, Sister Julia Carter, Sister Sharon Mills, Sister Laura Booker, Sister Jessica Braxton, and Brother David Carter.
  • The Prayer Band added three new members, Sister Sharon Braxton, Sister Dora Ragland, and Sister  Julia Carter.
  • Three new missionaries were added: Sister Helen Brown, Sister Deborah Brown, and Sister Julia Carter.
  • The Junior Choir was combined with the Gospel Choir.  The choir sings on the second and fourth Sundays.
  • Several new committees were formed, Planning Committee, Finance Committee, Hospitality Comittee, Newsletter Committee, New Members Committee, and the Church Calendar Committee.
  • A Tape Ministry was formed by Deacon Richard Christmas.
  • A Church Secretary was hired, Sister Gwendolph Christmas,
  • A new Sexton was hired, Sister Linda Grooms.
  • A Pastor’s Aide Committee was re-established which included the Deaconess Board.
  • A Baptism Pool was installed.
  • A Praise Team was formed to spiritually set the tone before the worship service begins.
  • A men’s and women’s ministry was formed.  A new sound system was installed.
  • A new vestibule was added to the front of the Church, with new bathrooms installed,
  • The sanctuary was expanded and remodeled,
  • New chairs were purchased
  • New carpet was installed
  • The Parking area and Cemetery were expanded
  • A section of the Parking area was paved
  • A Fence was installed around the Cemetery


  • A fifth Sunday worship service was started.  The service starts at 8:00 AM and the Praise Team sings during the service.
  • In 2006, a TV Ministry was started.  The service can be seen on Comcast.


  • On June 1, 2007, Sister Nancy Johnson became Church Treasurer.
  • Minister Rayshawn Graves was installed as Associate Minister on December 14, 2008.
  • In February 2009, Sister Francine Chambers was voted as Church Clerk and Sister Donna Cooper was voted as Assistant Church Clerk.
  • On April 1, 2009, Brother Clifton Gregory became our new Executive Administrator.